Do you have unwanted or surplus consumables and parts for your printers and photocopiers? We would like to make you an offer for your stock.





Do you have unwanted or surplus photocopier or printer consumables and parts sitting in your storeroom for weeks or even months that are not being used? You could turn this into cash! We would like to make you an offer for this stock. Have a rummage, you never know what it could be worth!


Download and complete your stock list by grading your products and emailing us on We will, in return email you with an offer within 48 hours for the listed products.


We’re confident you’ll be happy with our offer and will arrange the collection of the goods from you. Once received in our warehouse, we will confirm the goods are in the condition stated on the stock list and do a bank transfer into your account. Simple! 



Overstocked Limited is a professional consultation business primarily focused on the source and supply of print consumables for photocopiers and printers

With an extensive background in sourcing, sales and distribution along with our established relationships, we offer our customers a vehicle to reliable and financially beneficial solutions. 

Businesses are constantly evolving and adapting, particularly in the current climate with the COVID-19 pandemic, as result of this, most businesses have changed how they work by tailoring there operations and have accumulated vast amounts of stock that is no longer required. 

Overstocked works with businesses to help re-coop costs lost on unwanted and excess stock, with no exception to quantity. 

We buy, sell and distribute toners, drums, maintenance kits, fuser units, ink cartridges and parts for all manufacturers and models of printer and photocopier in the UK market. 

At Overstocked we like to keep things simple, our processes are transparent, effective and fast moving. 

Whether you have recently changed your fleet of printers and photocopiers or have moved office to a new location we are here to help you recover costs on stock that is no longer required. 


What is liquidated stock?

Liquidated stock can occur due to bankruptcy, another company taking over, buying too much stock, stock sales or margin calls.

The stock is sold in exchange for money.


What is overstock?

You have a printer, you buy a new one and have boxes of spare inks, toners, drums etc for the old that are still unused and new. That is overstock which we will buy from you.




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